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MIGRATING EYE is a digital design studio and website development company that is rooted in discovering your, or your company’s, potential. Even though we work with technology, it is the relationship we build with our clients that drives us and inspires us to do our best work. We engage and communicate with our clients as a team member, and follow through with professional results, on time, and support our clients long after launch. You should expect no less from a team member.
[accordions] [accordion title=”Do you represent an AGENCY needing a reliable, deadline savvy web team?”] We have been coding and designing websites for 15 years, and you don’t stay in business that long missing deadlines. We have built a strong reputation for excellent service and reliability, with incredible turnaround times, which translates to happy clients for your most important accounts. To see our agency work, email us at [/accordion] [accordion title=”Are you an ENTREPRENEUR looking to stand out?”] We love working together with entrepreneurs to develope how they present themselves to the world. We know you are busy building your dream, so we are strike that important balance between letting you lead, and taking initiative, in order to produce a brand that locks in your vision. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Does your COMPANY need a new logo or website, or a better one?”] Whether your company is just starting out, or has been around for decades, we can help you position your brand with fresh, sophisticated designs and a state-of-the-art, mobile ready internet presence. [/accordion][/accordions]
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[number_details number_details=”Websites Launched” number=”450″ text_color=”default”]
[number_details number_details=”Brands Created” number=”83″ text_color=”default”]
[title text_size=”h5″ border=”on” text_align=”left” text_color=”default”] Mobile ready, Search Engine Optimized website design [/title][title text_size=”h5″ border=”on” text_align=”left” text_color=”default”] Logo design and Brand Development [/title][title text_size=”h5″ border=”on” text_align=”left” text_color=”default”] E-commerce and Social Media Integration [/title][title text_size=”h5″ border=”on” text_align=”left” text_color=”default”] Consulting and Strategy building [/title]